Functional Administrative Assistant Resume

Published: 25th August 2011
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Functional Administrative Assistant Resume

The functional resume is the best choice for the applicants who are shifting their careers or working after long period of time. This type of resume format focuses on the special skill or qualification of the candidate that he has obtained through his past work experiences. This resume format can also be used by the recent graduate or the candidates with limited work experience. You can list all your specific skills and qualifications those can help you in working efficiently. When you are applying for the post of executive assistant, you should have the administrative assistant resume. You can write this resume in functional format. Doing this, you can emphasize on the special skills that are most sought by the employer in the candidate working in this position.

The administrative assistant position in any organization is of great importance. The person working in this position has to perform number of duties. He is responsible for all the administrative works like scheduling the meetings, arranging conferences and seminars, keeping track of office files, stationary, managing the employees, etc. The functional resume will emphasize on each of the special skills required for this position. The job related skills are presented in the order of importance to the applied job.

In functional resume, you can include your previous job accomplishments to make more impact on the employer. These skills will not be noticed in the traditional resume format. Functional resume will also hide your job hopping or the gaps in your employment history.

Resume for Administrative Assistant:

You will receive following benefits when you are using functional format for writing the resume for an administrative assistant.
This resume format will avoid including the same information again and again in the resume
It mainly focuses on the job related skills
It allows older information to be listed first on the resume
It does not follow the standard resume writing rules

Start your functional administrative assistant resume by listing your contact details at the top followed by the career objective. Write the job relevant career objective that will describe that you are willing to work in the position and describe your prospective achievements working as administrative assistant.

Skills section is the most important part of functional resume. As it is used for the people with no work experience or people with changing work fields, it is important to discuss about the gained and possessed skills. You can explain to the employer the use of particular skill in working efficiently. For example, working as an administrative assistant, you have to meet number of people and directly interact with the clients. Hence, you should possess excellent communication skills. Listing in the resume how you made effective use of the interpersonal skills to grab any project during your past employments will surely make you the preferred candidate.

You can list about your previous work experiences after your skills section. In case of job hopping or less experience, you can explain to the employer the skills that you learned during these employments are and how these skills will benefit you in your current job.

You can mention your educational details after the experience section in resume. The functional resume is a skill based resume and does not focus on the academics of the candidate. More Information

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