How to Make Production Administrative Assistant Resume?

Published: 21st September 2011
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How to Make Production Administrative Assistant Resume?

Production administrative assistant in any production company is the person assisting the producer in the administrative work. The production assistant must have knowledge of shooting, editing and transmitting. When you are applying for the position of production administrative assistant in any production company, you will need a strong administrative assistant resume. There will be many people applying for the post of administrative assistant; hence your resume should be different from other applicants. It must get you highlighted from the crowd. Here are some important tips to make a production administrative assistant resume.

Production Administrative Assistant Resume:

The production assistant in the production company helps the production manager in handling the administrative tasks and smooth functioning of the production house. The person willing to work in this position should have previous equivalent experience.

Contact Details

This is the common section for all resumes. It will include the contact details of the candidate. It will include name of the applicant, address, contact number and mail ID. Make sure that you donít make mistake in listing these details because this is the section where the employer will be contacting you for further interview process.

Job Objective

This section will tell your prospective employer about your career accomplishments that you wish to achieve working in the company. Your career objective will help the employer to know that you can benefit the company while achieving your goals. In this section you can say that you are looking for the good career as the production assistant where you can utilize your administrative skills and benefit the company and, in-turn, yourself.

Key Skills

All your job relevant skills that you learned from your past experiences working as production assistant should be mentioned in this section. The production assistant requires good interpersonal skills, management skills and organizational skills. Any extra skill expected by the employer can be emphasized in this section. You can also explain in short how you utilized your skill in past to solve any tricky situation or carry out any task.

The production administrative assistant should also have knowledge of screenwriting, serials and dramas, television production procedures, use of server based media, etc. Knowledge of all these things can be mentioned in this section of resume.

Educational Credentials

Educational details of the candidate will include the information of the applicantís academics. Here you can also mention about any extra certification or course related to film industry. If you possess any certification in editing, screening or shooting, you can mention about it in this section of resume. Also mention about your computer proficiency.

Professional Experience

All your past work experiences can be mentioned in this section of resume. Write the names of your past employer and describe in short about your job profile and the duties handled by you. Make sure that these details are relevant to the position you are applying for.

Personal Profile and References

The personal profile of the applicant will include the personal information of the applicant. References are the people who can explain your working ability to the employer. Make sure to inform people before you include their names in the references list.

Present these details effectively in well organized manner on your resume. Including all these details on your resume will make you the preferred candidate for the production assistant position. More information on

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